Electronic Fishing Lures Field Test

The quality of any new product is only as good as what it delivers. The very first time an electronic lure was tested occurred 120 feet deep in the Gulf of Alaska during a summer of 2003. Interesting to note was that we did not start out fishing with an electronic lure, but by all means we certainly wound up finishing with it.

We had fished for an hour using cut-bait for halibut and during that time the bite “was on”. And after it went away, the next 30 minutes of nothing confirmed the bite “was off”. All rigs were brought out of the water and the new lure was turned on, sailed to the bottom, and jigged. What happened next was nothing short of remarkable.

The results were immediate and up from the bottom was hauled the fish whose image you see on the HOME PAGE. For about the next 10 minutes this process was repeated over and over with fish on every time! Ten minutes was all it took; the rest of rigs were then lowered with cut-bait presentations and everyone was catching fish. What does this type of performance reflect?

  • A FLASHING LURE CATCHES FISH. During that fishery a single electronic lure caught three Irish Lords, six flounder, and three halibut. Note some pictures on this page.
  • A FLASHING LURE ATTRACTS FISH. Anglers who weren’t even using the flasher caught limits with traditional cut-bait presentations during the times the flasher was being used.

That’s a staggering conclusion, and it’s been repeated many times. And to those who would wish that we could guarantee catches, we can’t. But if there ever was an invention to give the fisherman the added edge, this is the one!

If you think Electronic Fishing is just a novelty, check out these pictures and read these tales!

The Original Bad Boy of Alaska, Tony Davis, hefts a 90 lb. halibut for all to view.
They don't call him “The Sultan of Sea” for nothing, and this image darn well proves it!

"Check out this 90 lb. butt that I caught in the first two minutes of fishing on May 21st. While the other guys on the boat were cutting bait to put on their jigs, I just turned on the electronic flasher and squirted some herring oil on mine. I was taking a lot of crap and told the guys they don't need to use bait with an Electronic Flashing Kodiak Custom Bottom Fishing Jig because it's the best! Then I sent my jig to the bottom and hooked into this pig before the other guys even had time to bait-up and put their lures in the water!

There is no doubt about it; the flashing light produced this immediate positive result!"


Tony Davis; Owner and President of Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle on Afognak Island; Kodiak, Alaska.

North Sea Angler Wins Fishing Tourney with Flasher!

Jan Preisler hefts two giant cod that were taken by flashers in the North Sea during a tournament in March of 2006. During that day he landed five fish that ran a collective weight of over 168 lbs.

Preisler is a fishing lure manufacturer in Denmark and now incorporates the flasher into his own product line. In his very own unedited words, this is what Jan wrote about using electronic lures:

“Hallo Bernhard,

I know it's been to long time since we have been in touch and a lot of work take the time. But have good news. We got the championship in deep seefishing. And Why? The blinker I got 5 fish over 10kg. They were 22 kg, 17.2 kg, 13.2 kg, 13 kg, 12.2 kg. All on a clean bite on the blinker. So if u like please send a pay pall on 300$. I need more blinkers!


Even through the ice, the flashers are knocking them dead!


I just wanted to let you know I've been using your strobes ice fishing for trout and I've been very impressed! I put the strobe on a snap swivel about 6 inches above a piece of shrimp so it flashes on the bait. I would estimate that they out fish the bait alone by about 4:1. I was fishing with them yesterday on tip-ups. It was a little slower than usual, but still most of the fish caught were on the flashers. I lost two of them though. I would see a flag would pop up, run over to the hole but not before the fish stripped every bit of line off of my spool! It happened twice that way.

I can't wait for summer to use them for halibut and silvers. I looked in the regs and didn't see anything against it here in Alaska, but I know there are laws against using artificial light in other states. Hopefully they don't find out how effective they are here!


Chris Palm; Kenai, Alaska.

Valdez King Salmon Are History! Flashers Out-Fish Conventional Presentations by 300% !

This photo shows two happy anglers who are hefting 83 lbs. of chrome-bright Chinook (King) Salmon. They had booked with Swifty's Alaskan Adventures in Valdez, and nailed these giants using electronic flashers as enticement with bait in early June of 2006. Baited lines with electronic flashers were sent down at the same time with baited lines without the lights for comparison statistics. Those with the flashers had three times as many strikes as those without ! Owner/operator Bob Swift of Valdez says it all, "Those flashers are wonderful, and you have a real winner!"

Keep right on scrolling! This picture will knock your socks off!

Electronic Flasher Nails 170 Pounder!
Tony Davis does it again!

"How's fishing? It's good at my end! Just this late summer, we again tested out the new and improved Kodiak Custom Electronic Flashing Bottom Fish Jig and the lights brought us good results. On the first day I used the flashing light while my partner fished right beside me without one. He hooked nothing but I ended up slamming this 170 pound halibut almost immediately.

The next day we both used the flashing lights and caught several random bottom fish and another nice halibut. The good news is that both of our lights held up and did not take in water. They are ready for the next outing and without a need for maintenance."


Thanks again,

Tony Davis; Owner and President of Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle on Afognak Island; Kodiak, Alaska.

Rockfish History! An EH-7 Hoochie Attaches This Aggressive Black Rockfish Right to the End of the Line!

These lures just simply continue to amaze me. As satisfying as it is to paste in testimonials and pictures from my customers, nothing can give me a finer feeling than offering up one of my very own.

I caught this feisty species just this July of 2008 while on assignment in Alaska. The fish hit while trolling in about sixty feet of water and the image shows me with the fish just moments after I hauled it on board.

Believe it. Electronic fishing is the final evolution of the electronic lure!

Bernard R. Rosenberg; Author of Alaska Fishing On A Budget and avid fisherman.

Believe it! The data is coming in just as fast as the fish. Electronic fishing is now beginning to make a significant impact on the sport fishing scene, and fishermen are taking notice. The proof is now undeniable!