Electronic Fishing Lures

An electronic fishing lure is simply a traditional lure vastly improved by artificial light. Our products use battery powered electronic flashers that are inserted inside lure bodies to make them strobe and attract fish. Whether you call them electronic flashers, electronic lures, or the technology electronic fishing, it makes little difference. The entire concept is just as revolutionary as it is effective! Fish can't hit what they can't see! Catch all species, including salmon, halibut, lingcod, rockfish, stripers, grouper, snappers, bass, walleye, trout, pike, flounder and reds.

Electronic Flashing Skirted Hoochie Squid

Electronic Squid

Electronic Flashing Skirted Hoochie Squid Electronic Squid Fishing Lure

Electronic Fishing Lures
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Fishing Lures“I have fished Michigan streams and lakes, the Great Lakes, Canada, the Northwest Territories, Alaska, and the Caribbean Ocean. I have fished with flies, spoons, live bait, cut bait, dead bait, and lures of all sorts. Presentations have involved casting, dragging, bobbing, jigging, trolling, and jerking; sometimes successful and sometimes not. Recently fishing for halibut off Kodiak Island I was introduced to an electronic lure. Fishing that day had started out hot with constant halibut action using big gobs of cut fish as bait. After boating several nice fish, activity ceased completely and no amount of jigging or enticement turned the fish back on. A friend had received a lure with the electronic flashing light to test, and since we were having no activity he was determined to try it on a medium weight spinning rod as we removed all of our rigs from the water. Initially this really was a joke to all of us with no expectations other than something to pass the time and enjoy the humor of watching him and his lure. Were we in for a surprise and did we ever eat crow! Instantly the lure was struck the moment he put it down, and instantly every time he hauled up his fish and dropped the lure it was hit again and again. Better yet, the moment we rigged with cut-bait and sailed down our lines, there was instant activity on every pole. This lure not only attracted fish to itself, but it also brought fish under our boat which resulted in activity on all our lines. I can’t wait for my next opportunity to present an electronic lure to some unsuspecting fish destined for my creel!”

Randy Thompson President; Century 21 River Realty Grayling, MichiganChicken Boy Lures

An Electronic Fishing Lure